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A few days ago the international Trufforum fair was held in Zaragoza dedicated to the black truffle. It has among its objectives to value this precious mushroom with special emphasis on quality control and in that the commercialization is carried out in accordance with the corresponding regulations. We fully agree with this criterion and, as we have already commented on several occasions, at TrufaZero we believe that the Health Register is the quality guarantee of the whole process of production and processing of truffles.

Within the framework of the fair, the “European black truffle decalogue” was drawn up in which the most important characteristics of this precious mushroom, such as the different origins of European truffles, different species, are distinguished, such as distinguishing them from truffles Asian (less valued), how to avoid fraud, how to use them in the kitchen to enjoy all their qualities, etc.

1.- Tuber melanosporum is the scientific name for the European black truffle. Did you know that to know The scientific name is very important to differentiate it from other species of truffles of very similar appearance and of inferior value?
2.- Asian truffles are priced up to 20 times lower than the European black truffle. Did you know that some Asian truffles have a great resemblance to the black truffle and thatTo differentiate them requires the work of experts?
3.- The black truffle is a powerful and delicate food flavoring for everyone. Did you know that with a small black truffle you can aromatize eggs for more than 100 people?
4.- The black truffle is produced mainly in France, Spain and Italy. Did you know that these countries produce 80 tons per year and give jobs to over 10,000 Truffle growers?
5.- The black truffle is produced in a sustainable and responsible way in Europe. Did you know that 90% of truffle growers are small owners who care and fix population in the rural environment?
6.- The black truffle is collected with the help of trained dogs. Did you know that truffle dogs allow Truffle growers to extract the truffles at their right point of maturation?
7.- The black winter truffle is a seasonal product that occurs between November and March in Europe. Did you know that ripe fresh truffle is the best way to enjoy all its authentic aromas?
8.- The ripe fresh black truffle contains more than 100 aromatic compounds whose combination and proportions is an inimitable gastronomic experience. Did you know that there are synthetic products used in the agri-food industry that try to imitate the truffle aroma, but Which are another product different from the real black truffle?
9.- The black truffle is produced in landscapes of great beauty and contemplating the hunting of the truffle is a unique experience. Did you know that there are specific tourist products to know the culture of the truffle in the producing rural territories?
10.- The black truffle has a great gastronomic value that fits very well with many foods.. Do you know that there are specialized restaurants that offer seasonal menus focused on black truffle?

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