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Diferentes-birrasAlthough I know very well the world of black truffle I am inspired by the possibilities offered. We’ve been seeing the versatility it has in the kitchen and how enriches any dish; last week we discovered that the truffle is also starring in the world of cosmetics, with very effective treatments. Well, today I discovered beer with black truffle, a perfect blend between a brunette and a blonde.

In recent years there have been a lot of microbrews, made with “mime” by its creators with the aim of offering beers with personality that are not only refreshing but with different aromas and flavors, such as that incorporate the delicious taste of truffles throughout tasting. They are perfect to take alone or accompanying high cuisine dishes or as simple as potatoes with eggs.

We will also be increasing the benefits that beer offers for health with which truffle provides. I encourage you to try them!.

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