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Babette’s Feast is a delightful tale by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen), writer of Out of Africa, who was taken to the cinema by Gabriel Axe  in 1987 and won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 1871, on a stormy morning, Babette arrives in a twon in Jutland, a village on the desolate west coast of Denmark, where she is employed as a maid and cook in the house of two elderly single women. There he lives for fourteen years, until one day he discovers that he has won the lottery and asks permission to prepare a celebration dinner for the centennial of the shepherd with which he surprises and delights the strict inhabitants of the village for whom pleasure and joy is forbidden..

Among the delicious dishes prepared are the famous quail in sarcophagus filled with foie gras and black truffle with black truffle with Madeira wine sauce, according to the recipe of the famous “Café Anglais” a famous Parisian restaurant of the nineteenth century.

I recommend  to you to see the movie and, in case you want to prepare this delicious dish with TrufaZero truffle, here I leave you the indications:

Boneless quail, seasoning and browning, filled with foie gras and black laminated truffle. For the sarcophagus you can get the typical rectangular molds that are filled with puff pastry. Once the quail is inserted in the mold, it is covered with a sheet of puff pastry that is painted with egg; It is important to make a small hole so that the steam can come out. Bake at 180º for about 25mn. For the sauce make a reduction of chicken broth, Madeira wine, black truffle and ground pepper.


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