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Alexandre Dumas’ Potato Salad (Salade Francillon)

Surely you all know Alejandro Dumas son as the author of the famous romantic drama “Lady of the Camellias” but what is not so popular is his interest in cooking, inherited from his father. In her Francillon play, released in Paris in 1887, includes the recipe of a potato salad, mussels and truffle that Annette Riverolles, one of the characters, prepares for the guests to a family dinner. The action takes place in the first act, during which Henri, one of the guests, asks Annette for the recipe of the Japanese salad they have tasted and is interested in how she has learned to make it; She explains to him that she has learned cooking as well as other skills learned by the ladies, such as playing the piano, singing, languages ​​… in order to find a good husband; She goes on to say that in cooking courses you learn the fundamental principles and then each one brings your imagination, as she has done with the salad.

The recipe quickly became famous and began to be served in the best restaurants of Paris, was even served by the President of the French Republic to the Tsar of Russia, Nicolas II during his visit to France in October 1896.

In the number 412, of November 22, 1890 of “La Ilustración Ibérica”, famous scientific, literary and artistic weekly that was published in Barcelona appears a review of a food served in the Theater of the Princess of Madrid that included The famous “Francillon salad of Alexander Dumas”. Even Proust mentions it in his book “In search of lost time”, specifically in the volume “For the part of Swann”.

It is a very appetizing dish now that the heat starts, I prepared it last weekend but with two variants: I used our olive oil and our balsamic vinegar with truffle TrufaZero and the result was a pleasure for the senses. I encourage you to try it.

In the section “To share” I leave you the recipe.

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