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Today I want to tell you about one of the most consumed varieties of truffle in our country, although most of the time we do not know: it is the Tuber indicum. Although it has a very affordable price is convenient we know what we are buying and do not be fooled by some labeled presenting products with black truffle without specifying that it is Tuber indicum, lower quality and less aroma and flavor that our prized Tuber melanosporum, which belongs TrufaZero.

Tuber indicum or better known as Chinese Truffle, is actually a kind of black truffle. It is native to the mountains of China, where it grows from September to May, although in his country is very unappreciated for what is exported mostly. It has a firm and dark brown meat and has virtually no aroma and flavor. Its low price makes it a very used to decorate many plates, either laminated or grated on it.

So far everything is normal, and even legal, the problem is that often give us “bait”, ie Tuber indicum instead of our dear and valued Tuber melanosporum. For example it happens in some products we find  in supermarkets with black winter truffle, according to its label, at a surprisingly low price, or jars of black truffle in their own juice, but that what they really have is Tuber indicum. Therefore I recommend that you look the ingredients well to know what you are actually buying.


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