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First truffles in South America

trufa negra en argentinaThe black truffle or Tuber melanosporum has jumped the pond and begins to grow in South America, particularly in Argentina where climatic conditions are ideal. The idea came from the company “Truffles New World” that in 2011 started the project to carry cultivation black truffle to the American continent, with the aim of supplying fresh truffle to world markets at the time it is not season in  traditional production centers that are France, Spain and Italy, where the truffle season runs from November to May.

The “Truffles New World” involves about 100 Argentine investors, covering 50 hectares of oak and mycorrhizal hazels and performed with Spanish advice. In 2016 a collection of about 2000k mainly for the European and American market is expected.

We believe it is a good idea because it allows us to enjoy this wonderful delicacy in the months that here does not occur and an improvement in the global supply; surely the truffle lovers chefs are delighted.

Good luck!


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