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This is the original salad recipe from the lines from Act 1, Scene 2,  described the glorious creation that is still praiseworthy.

How To Cook:
Annette: Cook the potatoes in broth, cut them in slices as for an ordinary salad and, while they are still very hot, season them with salt, pepper, a very good fruity olive oil, vinegar.
Henry: Tarragon?
Annette: Orleans is better; but that is not important. The important thing is half a glass of white wine: ‘Chateau-Yquem’, if possible. Plenty of fines herbs finely chopped. At the same time cook in court bouillon some very large mussels with a stalk of celery; drain carefully and add to the potatoes.
Henry: Not as many mussels as potatoes?
Annette: A third less. So that, little by little, you smell the mussels. Yon must not be able to detect it; neither must it be too strong. When the salad is made, toss it lightly; arrange in the shape of a ‘calotte de savant’ (a wise man’s skullcap) and cover it with sliced truffles.
Henri: Cooked in champagne?
Annette Of course. This must all be done two hours before dinner so that the salad is very cold when served.
Henri: The salad bowl could be surrounded with ice.
Annette: No! No! No! You must not hurry it. It is very delicate, and its various aromas must be allowed to blend quietly. Was the salad you ate today good?
Henri: Marvelous!
Annette: Well, follow my recipe, and you will have the same pleasure.

*I suggest you to use Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar with truffle TrufaZero.

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