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We began growing truffle from scratch, from zero. We had never done this before. There wasn’t any family tradition or references in the area. What we did have, and still have to this day, is a great dream and the will to succeed. That’s why we started from the beginning: studying, researching, educating ourselves, turning to those who knew the most about truffles and letting them advise us in order to improve every day.

Our strength is in our roots, a family that is both very connected to the land and appreciates tradition. That’s why we’ve chosen the 100-spout fountain of Cifuentes as the symbol for our logo, our talisman of great sentimental value.

We are producers, growers, and entrepreneurs. But ultimately, we are people that started a second activity that ties us to our home turf.

The success of our project is based on research. We employ innovative processes, experiment with new forms of irrigation and farming, and use the most advanced technology in order to conserve our truffles. Our cannery is the only one of its kind in the area and allows you to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the truffles for a longer period of time.



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