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Growing truffles at home is possible and very simple, almost as simple as planting flowers, although it will take at least a year for the first specimens to appear.

As you know, truffles are not planted with seeds since they are fungi that grow in symbiosis in the roots of oaks, mainly, so you have to plant the tree that has roots inoculated with truffle spores; We will have to go to a center specialized in selling seedlings inoculated with spores of truffles and acquire there the land and other necessary elements.

The first is to choose the place where we are going to place the pot since the temperature and sunlight are the factors that most influence the successful development of the crop: should not be too cold or too hot and should be very well lit for the Sun.

We must choose a medium-sized terracotta pot and fill it with soil mixed with gravel or sand until halfway in which we will place the seedling inoculated with the truffle spores that we cover with soil, covering the roots well; Done this we will put the pot on the drainage plate.

The pot should be watered approximately every two days by monitoring the drainage plate to draw the water that accumulates. If all went well, about a year later the first truffles will appear; To find them you have to carefully insert your fingers to detect small irregular and rough balls.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the aroma and flavor of the truffle with our cheese with truffle TruffaZero and the oil and balsamic vinegar with truffle TruffaZero. Ask for them by phone, or mail.

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