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trufas silvestresWe do not know if the The Three Wise Kings brought truffles among their gifts, but it´s  sure that they were one of the ingredients in their table. The ancient Egyptians ate the truffle fat breaded and cooked in papillote. The Greeks and Romans attributed to these fungi a high aphrodisiac value. In Rome, Libyan`s truffles were considered a delicacy of the most exquisite and the Romans said that truffles were born of lightning and a gift from the gods. But in the Middle Ages used to see in truffles a manifestation of the devil so they fell into oblivion, but the truffles were a precious gift offered to kings, princes and bishops. By the year 1780 truffles were rare in Paris; the truffled turkey was considered as a luxury object, only served at the tables of powerful masters or mistresses houses. Currently its use is increasingly widespread and is present in many of our tables because its cultivation has spread. Do not fail to enjoy this wonderful delicacy !; TrufaZero is an affordable luxury.

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