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Let’s go on a picnic

The spring has arrived and the countryside is absolotuly beautiful. On the last Easter holidays we have been walking along the “truferas”, enjoying the completely green and full of flowers landscape. Since it was such a good time we decided to prepare a picnic, of course with the truffle as main ingredient, and make a small excursion in family; The experience was fantastic so we plan to repeat it next weekend.

The picnic I prepared had cheese with TrufaZero truffle sandwiches, tomato and rocket salad with truffle oil, toast of Iberian ham with tomato and truffle oil and strawberries with reduction of our balsamic vinegar with truffle.

I encourage you to do the same, look for an easy route so everyone can do it comfortably that has some suitable place to make a stop and enjoy the picnic. You will see that wonderful journey!

You can make your orders for oil, vinegar and cheese with truffle by phone and Whatsapp (619 27 87 77) or in our contact form.


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