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Manifest of the Trufa

Fotografía científica Luis MonjeIn 2007 the prestigious chef Santi Santamaria published the manifest of the truffle to claim this wonderful product with recommendations on its acquisition, use and consumption. While it has been several years has not lost today, I believe that every one of his points is an absolute success and that all producers, restaurateurs and consumers should bear it in mind.

As you know at TrufaZero we are committed to transparency and for doing things right, share our experiences and knowledge about the cultivation and marketing of truffle, betting on the health safety of fresh truffles and looking away for more modern models .

Manifest of the Trufa

  1. Defend the truffle of the territory: the proximity is essential for it quality.
  2. Cooking the truffle at its ripeness.
  3. Decide not to use the Himalaya`s truffle and denounce those who employ it without specifying its origin.
  4. Report on restaurants menus on the origin, acquisition market and variety of used truffles.
  5. Specify in the letter if truffles are used fresh, canned or frozen.
  6. Taste the fresh truffle natural and whole to enjoy the highest quality state.
  7. Apply to the competent authority to legislate on truffles trade, considering the producers of the sector.
  8.  Promote the relationship of customers good food and food lovers of the truffle with restorers who defend the criteria of this manifesto.
  9. Ask the media to inform the consumer and at the same time help to constitute a distinctive quality.
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