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Packing the Truffles

Currently in Spain, more than half of the truffles labeled as fresh by individual sellers, shops, and restaurants don’t actually meet labeling standards, sanitary registration, and the packaging can’t be used for use in the food industry.

This is hardly conducive to developing the culture of black truffle. Consequently, here at TrufaZero, from our philosophy of starting from zero and our deep love for truffles, we want to change the notion that truffles are strange and mysterious (as this doesn’t contribute to dignifying them). So, we bet on quality and commercial transparency: monitoring and controlling everything, starting from the harvest till it reaches the consumer, offering freshly harvested specimens, using selected and cleaned truffles, controlling the temperature, and packaging them in containers suitable for use in the food industry. At TrufaZero, the transparency guarantee lies in the sanitary registration.

Our cannery should be a gathering place for truffle lovers and experts to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as training in a field where there is still a lot to be discovered.

SEUR specialized delivery with its preservation guarantee. More information.

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