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riegoIn the previous post we talked about the importance of water in the cultivation of truffles. But this year the rain has been scarce enough, storms in late August, fundamental for the development of truffles Tuber melanosporum “were conspicuous in their absence.” Sporadic downpours that have fallen are not sufficient to ensure optimal harvest so in TrufaZero we have been watering the plantation during the summer, when the truffles are developing, but considering that too much water is so harmful as hislack.

In TrufaZero we have a systen irrigation installed for truffles receive adequate amount of water in each of its phases: in May and early June, when born new copies, must complete the water contribution It does not provide nature; if July is too hot, as has happened this year, it is necessary to moisten the planting to help the proper development of hatchlings; but it is in August when truffles experience a spectacular development may increase up to 15 times its weight so that water is essential; Now, at the end of September, the weather is still warm and truffles are still under development so we can´t neglect the irrigation; only watering should be avoided when the frosts begin in late fall.

We hope TrufaZero harvest this year will be fantastic. Less is left…

· Photo courtesy of Semper Fidelis

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