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la-partitura-que-nadie-sabe-leerIf we say “The Barber of Seville” immediately think of Rossini, the composer of this wonderful opera and many other known pieces of music, as was a genius who at 14 had already composed an opera, but what is not so known is that Rossini was a great cook and a renowned gourmet in his time and he was crazy about truffles. Of them he said they were the Mozart of fungi and, in all varieties, the most liked was the Tuber melanosporum.

The chronicles of the time tell several stories about his passion for truffles, for example, that only cried twice in his life: once when his father died and the other when fell overboard from the boat sailing one truffled turkey.

There are several dishes that are named Rossini, the most popular are the cannelloni Rossini or tournedo Rossini, but also created magnificent salad dressings, what is common to them all is the generous presence of truffles.

If you want to prepare authentic “Cannelloni Rossini”, the recipe is:

  • The filling is made by skipping the meat with fresh foie gras, foie gras quantity has to be 20% of the meat, slices of truffle and two “drops” of sweet wine.
  • The bechamel is made by taking advantage of the fat remaining in the pan after sauteing meat, foie gras and truffles.
  • Once the cannelloni are in the oven, with grated Parmesan over, half cooking sprinkle with a little grated truffle.

If you accompany with the music of the composer sure that the experience will be unforgettable.

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