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ensaladasIn summer and with the heat we change the type of supply and we like to eat fresh and light plates, why not to enrich them with our vallued truffle?

At the end of the truffle season in this blog we suggest you several ways of preserving the truffle and sure many of us freeze some copies or aromatize olive oil with truffle. The frozen truffle remains in perfect condition more than ten months and the optimal way to use it is grating directly on the food without thawing, immediately keeping the rest in the freezer, since if we defrost it stays with a not agreeable texture.

For example, we can make a typical tomato and poteito`s salad and, when we are going to serve it, grate over some frozen truffle, or flavored a rich gazpacho or salmorejo with olive oil with truffle.

If we dress any salad with olive oil with truffle, however simple  it is, will be rich – the typical salad of tomato, avocado and cheese enriched very much if we season it with this oil-; We can also grate truffle on toasts of cheese or on cold cuts of meat and give then a different touch.

I encourage you to try it; the result is spectacular. And secure that occur to you many other ideas which you can share with us on this blog.

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