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láminas_de_trufa-And, like everything else, also the truffle season is coming to an end. The truffle TrufaZero are giving their last copies and it is time to let them rest. But we can continue to enjoy the black truffle in our kitchen, though we can not consume fresh as throughout these months but there are other ways.

As I’ve already told you  some day a good way to keep truffles someday is frozen them because they have no need to unfreeze whole but  simply laminate  or grate it without thawed and put the rest in the freezer, thus truffle loses some aroma and flavor but is still an exquisite ingredient. Maria Redón, truffle expert and Sarrión chef recommends laminating truffles and spread each slice with olive oil to prevent sticking between them and then freeze them, so that when we want to use them we can take only the sheets that we will use.

Another form of conservation is to put them in brandy or honey; thus preserved truffle and liquid that contains it acquires its aroma and flavor and can be used to flavor many dishes.

In any case we should keep the truffles well healthy and clean and safest way to achieve this is by ultrasound, as we do in the TrufaZero packaging.

If you have any questions about conservation of truffles or want to consult us about their culture and care call us or send us an email, we will be happy to share our experience.

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