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Why Zero?

Starting from ground zero is our family motto. For example, if a contentious issue comes up and we can’t reach consensus, we say, “enough!” We go back to the drawing board, starting from ground zero. If a little business deal didn’t go as expected, we start from zero. That means we won’t put more effort than necessary in for something that doesn’t offer a way out.

When we set out to plunge into the fascinating world of truffle growing, we applied that family motto. We started from zero because we had never done it before. There was no family tradition or references in the area. However, we did have experience cultivating the land, which is what served as a starting point, starting from nothing, from zero. We started studying, researching, educating ourselves, turning to those who knew the most about truffles and letting them advise us in order to improve every day. After ten years of effort and enthusiasm we are very pleased and proud to offer a high quality product.

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