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Cloud eggs with summer truffle

Today we echo one of the latest foodie fashions: cloud eggs, healthy, light, fluffy and super-fun, that for some time are triumphing in Instagran – the quintessential network of every foodie that boasts -, for its photogeny and originality.
We have prepared a variant of these famous eggs, adding a touch of summer truffle, and we were delighted – what we did was truffle the eggs for two days and, once baked, we put a few truffle chips. We take them on a late Sunday breakfast in the home garden, accompanied by a salad of cheese sprouts with truffle and dried fruit seasoned with our truffed oil and vinegar, a cup of coffee and fruit. I encourage you to try the experience.
To make the cloud eggs, you have to separate the yolk from the white and beat it to the point of firm snow, adding a little salt; Put the egg white on a baking sheet in a baking tray and make a little hole in the center to place the yolk (as if it were a volcano) with a little pepper and salt, bake until that is well curdled the yolk and lightly toasted the clear; put on some summer truffle on the top. You can add ham, cheese, bacon … to the white to give it a personal touch. The result will surprise you.

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