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Geese eggs with TrufaZero´s truffle

Today I’m going to tell you about my experience with the  geese  eggs of “Ocas del Duratón”.

I bought a dozen eggs and I was truffling them for several days, during the Truffle Fair of the Molina de Aragón, and then I cooked them poached, following the advice of the recipe book that the container brings and that I detail below.

Recipe for Duraton’s  Geese Eggs

  1. Shell the eggs one by one in a cup and add, just before the water boils, very carefully so that the white does not separate.
  2. Let it rise on a very soft fire for 7 minutes.
  3. Remove them with a slotted spoon very carefully and leave them in a sieve to remove all the water. Another technique is to heat water in a pot and add a splash of vinegar and make it rotate before introducing the egg, so that it is trapped in the center.
  4. Most egg recipes earn a lot if truffled eggs are used. These eggs are especially good to be truffled because their porous skin and the creaminess of the yolk make it take all the power of the truffle.

As I told you, I truffled them with TrufaZero black truffle and after poached I  grate black truffle in abundance. I assure you they were delicious and, look at the size!

Watch the video of the recipe


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