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The well-known Forbes magazine has published the list of the ten most expensive hamburgers in the world; What’s so special about costing up to 2000 dollars? As you will see they all have a common ingredient: our beloved black truffle.

The DB double truffle burger from New York’s Bistro Moderne costs $ 140, contains truffle inside the bread and on top of the meat. The Extravagant burger of Serendipity 3, also in New York, is priced at $ 295, with Wagyu beef, cave-aged cheddar, white truffle butter, black truffles, quail egg and caviar . As for the Glamburger of London’s Honky Tonk (1,400 euros) consists of a combo of  Wagyu and Kobe beef topped with venison, lobster, caviar, black truffle and a duck egg, and is adorned with a Edible gold leaf to give you more glamor.

Attracted by so much luxury, I decided to make my own version and it was delicious: I chose a delicious Galician beef and added a bit of truffle TrufaZero, on top I put a sheet of our delicious sheep cheese with truffle TrufaZero; to the side a salad with tender shoots, raisins and nuts seasoned with TrufaZero´s oil and vinegar. I think it has nothing to envy to those of the list Forbes, yes, the price is much cheaper. You can copy my version or try yours, most of the ingredients you can ask for by whatsapp (619278777) or at our contact form,  and have a luxury hamburger in your own home.


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