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20140411_132039The Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Salamanca is carrying out research on the promoting effect of truffles in the oak, in particular they are studying how the black truffle can end one of the worst diseases of the oaks, “dry” produced by a type of oomiceto fungus called Phytophthora that destroys many copies every year.

The Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology Salamanca (IRNASA) belongs to the Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) aimed multidisciplinary research on agricultural crops, livestock health and environmental conservation.

The research is being developed at Finca Castro Enriquez de Salamanca Provincial Council on the symbiosis between the black truffle and oaks and –as already mentioned above the truffle is a type of fungus that lives underground in mycorrhizal symbiosis with certain higher plants such as encinas- finding that the presence of Tuber Melanosporum favors the survival of the oak mainly because it increases the development of roots, which facilitates the entry of water and mineral components. Furthermore, the presence of the truffle might serve to inhibit the action of Phytophthora and, therefore, help combat “dry”.

So far the investigation has not finished so we are awaiting the final results, but we are very happy to see the wonderful properties of our beloved truffle. And by the way, already is little to appear the first copies of TrufaZero. We will keep you informed.

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