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Pleased to receive you


Nothing we like more than to receive visits from our friends to know firsthand the TrufaZero store, as they have done during the past holiday some of them. As it was very good time were strolling through the truffle which are in full production and observe the work of hunting dogs track of truffles. Back in the store we told them how ​​TrufaZero`s idea arose and how we started to plant our truffle as well as the process we follow since we gather the truffles until they are ready for consumption: sorting, cleaning and packing them  in our packaging, unique in the area, which keeps the organoleptic characteristics of truffles longer.

If you want to enjoy this exciting experience you just have to call us or send an email and we will pleased to  receive you at TrufaZero store; then you can take a pleasant walk through our town, Cifuentes, and know their interesting history. We wait for you!


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