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riego de la parcelaTraditionally, one speaks about the importance of August storms in the development of Tuber Melanosporum and, indeed, the Romans believed that truffles were thunder daughters, ie that they were born in places where it had been struck by lightning. This view was also Theophrastus, Greek philosopher of the third century B.C. disciple of Aristotle, which is considered by many people the father of botany because it made the first systematic classification of plants based on its medicinal properties and for its many botanical studies compiled in his books “History of Plants” and “The causes of plants”, talking about truffles he said “the more thunder more grow“.

In the case of wild truffles there are fundamental spring and late summer rains as it is when truffles are developing but in case of truffles growing lack of water is supplemented with irrigation, as we are doing now in TrufaZero to ensure a good harvest both in the number of copies and the size of them. We are already eager to pick up the first copies that will appear, as you know, around November. Meanwhile we continue caring for the plants with great care to offer the highest quality truffles.


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