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Tresaure Hunt

navidades-2013-002For us collect truffles is like a treasure hunt: Follow the clues that tell us where they are and if they are already mature: the bald ground, truffle flies that focus there is a truffle ready for consumption and the magnificent smell of dogs.

Once we have discovered where he is hiding it’s time to dig up the treasure, with extreme care in order to don’t make any damage. Nervous and expectant by the truffle machete, we gradually remove land until finally appears before our eyes the precious diamond.

Some days are more productive than others and  some truffles better than others, so its price fluctuates so much, but against the general belief is a tresaure affordable and  with many possibilities-for example with a single copy you can make truffled eggs

or pasta, flavored cognac or oil, grate on food and freeze the rest … –


At TrufaZero, we meet all quality controls so that all our black truffles are freshly harvested Tuber Melanosporum which are cleaned, selected, and packaged with the most modern preservation techniques and sanitary registration.

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