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Niño, Jako and Bony are the real stars of Trufazero, three magnificent specimens of Labrador dogs which we are proud, strong, loving and very professional. They are responsible for “chasing the trail” of the Trufazero truffles, which may be buried several meters deep.
It is a sight to see them working in the truffle. They come to the farm fasting and once we release them, its adventure begins: vented off and when they finally hunting trail they run out to the right place where they have smelled truffles and begin to dig up that appears. They are so noble and so well trained that look at us waiting for its prize, usually a piece of cheese or sausage, and removed meekly without damaging the specimens of truffle. In one morning our dogs can get to find several kilos of truffles; It is a task they enjoy as if it were a game and we do not get tired of admiring his skill.
Niño, Jako and Bony have been trained by Semper Fidelis, specialists in preparing truffle hunting dogs we work closely and fully trust.
Our dogs are who enable us to enjoy this wonderful delicacy. You can purchase TrufaZero truffles by phone or by filling out the contact form.

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