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Welcome to our store!


We have done some changes in our store of Cifuentes to accommodate the new products and we have also enabled an area where we will give workshops on the truffle to groups – we will inform you about the features and how to book-.

You can visit us and, incidentally, enjoy a small vacation in our area; Cifuentes is ideal for small getaways with many possibilities of hiking, cycling or canoeing routes in the amazing Alto Tajo Natural Park – Biosphere Reserve – contemplating the landscape, flora and fauna and enjoying a relaxing swim in the crystal clear Waters of the Tagus River; Las Tetas de Viana, El Hundido de Armallones, the cave of the Casares, the ravine of the Hoz de Oter, the Monastery of Buenafuente … are some of the wonderful places that can be visited from Cifuentes and, of course, the town itself Has a very interesting cultural heritage and a gastronomic offer “to suck the fingers” (See more information)

In our shop you can buy the TrufaZero truffle products: extra virgin olive oil, Modena vinegar and cheese with truffle to taste on your back  home. In our recipes section you have some ideas.

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