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The other day, talking with some friends about the characteristic and penetrating aroma of the fresh truffles one of them told us that she do not smell anything. We stared at her as if she were an alien, how could she say something like that when the truffles impregnate with their smell everything that is nearby? She immediately clarified the mystery: she is losing his sense of smell, she can not smell anything at all, nor smells pleasant or unpleasant (a priori would seem us wonderful, isn’t it?) So she said, the pleasant moment of sharing a meal has become tedious for her.

I was very intrigued and began to look for information about the importance of smell to taste food and I discovered, for example, that loss of smell is called hyposmia and if it is total anosmia, and that is a subject of great relevance for chefs “without smell, you can not enjoy a dish, or cook it”, in fact, many chefs know when a dish is at its point by  the smell it gives off, without having to try it, according to Isabel Álvarez de Euro-Toques.

Anatomically, smell is the sense that allows us to smell, but how do we perceive odors? The aroma of the objects reaches the sensitive epithelium through the air that transports the aromatic molecules but, these molecules also arrive through the mouth, coming from the food, therefore, The predominant sensation in eating comes not from the taste that starts in the tongue but from the smell.

If you want to know more about the smell sense you can consult the page of  ROE, Red Olfativa Española, a Spanish non-profit association around the study of smell that has research groups, seminars and congresses on the subject.


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